Best Way To Get Paid Online: How I Made $6,075 In 13 Days!

The best way to get paid online is when you offer value to people and solve a challenge they are facing.  That’s what I do.  Yes, the money is cool.  However, creating freedom and helping other people discover a laptop lifestyle is even more rewarding.  In this post, I will show you exactly what I did to earn $6,075 in 13 days online without ever calling a prospect, holding a meeting or bugging friends or family.  It’s awesome and you can do it too!

Best Way To Get Paid Online: How I Made $6,075 In 13 Days!

I discovered that the best way to get paid online is to use a proven system.  I discuss more about that proven system on my marketing blog here: 3 Best Ways To Get Paid Online: How To Make $6,075 In 13 Days.

On that same site, you will see our bad ass income disclosure which we update every 24 hours, an industry first.  Bottom line:  nothing in life is promised & money doesn’t rain from the sky.  Put in the work, produce results.

So, on my personal blog here I wanted to make a distinction between the article I posted and linked to above.  Here, I want to give a bit of a bonus into the specifics of exactly what I did to produce $6,075 online in 13 days.

Let’s rock ‘n roll…..

Best Way To Get Paid Online: How I Made $6,075 In 13 Days!

Best Way To Get Paid Online

So here’s the steps I took that I feel is the best way to get paid online:

1)  Use Facebook.

I interact with people and build relationships on Facebook.  I don’t go for volume, I go for depth.  I large portion of my commissions came from just one customer.  How cool is that?

I chatted on Facebook, showed my potential new teammate how I could solve a challenge he was facing and he decided it was a good fit for him.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say to potential customers and teammates, we have ninja recruiting scripts to help you through it.  All members of my team have access to it.  Discover what my team can do for you.

2)  High Touch.

All too often, the human element is missing in building an online business.  I take the opposite approach.  Anyone who joins my team receives a phone call once they have finished their Fast Start training.  The purpose of the phone call is simply to introduce myself, thank them for becoming a customer and/or team member and see what their wants, needs & desires are.

Now, you may have noticed that I said they get a phone call after they finish a simple training.  Why is that?  Well, sadly not everyone is serious about transforming their lives, making money online and creating a laptop lifestyle.

This process weeds out the less serious people real quick.  This is a win-win for everyone.  You must respect your own time and value in order to properly give it to those who have earned it and deserve it.  While it’s true that you can’t help everyone, even the people who may truly need it, you can invest in people who have shown a willingness to be taken seriously.

As a bonus, building a business is far more pleasurable when you are working with more committed people as opposed to tow dippers & tire kickers.

3)  Incentives & Time-Sensitive Call To Actions

During your communications with your new teammates and customers, you will often have a genuine opportunity to not only help them with a challenge they are facing, but to also earn far larger commissions by offering high value upgrades to the products and services that you offer.

This is one of my favorite and my personal pick for best way to get paid online: high-ticket commissions.

It’s one thing to make $25 commissions, it’s an entirely different matter to make $3,000 commissions!  To do this effectively, you can harness the power of incentives.

By offering a valuable bonus as an incentive that has a specific time or quality (or both!) limit to them, you can create a compelling call to action to encourage people to take immediate action.

This is what separates the men from the boys.  Always give your teammates and customers a compelling offer that they would find valuable.  Make sure it has a sense of urgency to it.  Master this principle and propel your business into the stratosphere!

Best Way To Get Paid Online: How I Made $6,075 In 13 Days!

Thank you for reading the post about how I was able to produce extraordinary results using to a few simple concepts.  It was an honor to share them with you.

Before you go, here’s my wish for you….

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Morgan Fleur De Lys

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3 Reasons I Started An Internet Marketing Podcast

Recently, I started an Internet marketing podcast and fell in love with the medium.  Now, it’s one of the most exciting aspects of my business and the direction it is heading towards.  I can recommend, without a shadow of a doubt, as a valuable tool for for both new and experienced marketers alike.  If you thought podcasting was a thing of the past, you’re going to be blown away at the potential it has for your business.

3 Reasons I Started An Internet Marketing Podcast

Internet Marketing Podcast

Starting an Internet marketing podcast is a fairly straightforward process.  You most likely have all the equipment necessary to get going as a beginning podcaster.  If you enjoy doing your first few podcasts, you can upgrade to better equipment and services later.

Before we get too much further, some of you may be asking: “What is an Internet Marketing podcast?  Or even a podcast for that matter…”

Good question.

Without turning this into a Wikipedia article on podcasting, it is most often a serious of episodes on a given subject that can be subscribed to and delivered to any device.  It is most often used on mobile devices in audio form, but there are other formats too.

This post is about the most common audio format.

So why would you want to do something like that?  Perhaps it is for the very same reason I decided to start an Internet marketing podcast myself.

3 Reasons I Started An Internet Marketing Podcast

Here’s the reasons I chose to start an Internet marketing podcast:

1)  Numbers Don’t Lie.

Edison Research released a study, The Podcast Consumer 2012, and had these findings:

* The percentage of Americans who have ever listened to an audio podcast is 29%

* Similarly, 26% of Americans 12+ have ever viewed a video podcast

* The podcast audience is significantly more likely to have viewed television programming through non-traditional means

* One in four podcast consumers plug their MP3 players or smartphones into their car audio system “nearly every day”

The Slideshare presentation below really drives home the facts.  The demographics are simply amazing and can not be understated.

2)  Building My Brand.

I can build my brand and reach a new audience in a unique way with podcasting.  The audio format allows we the opportunity to connect with a different type of client/prospect.  You see, a large percentage of people on the planet are auditory learners and experience the world using that sense in a significant way.

If you know of people or you personally use the following expression, you may be more inclined to experience this world through your auditory senses: “That sounds good.”,  “That really resonates with me.”, “On another note.”, “That rings a bell.” and so on.

These individuals may not be reading my blogs or watching my videos, but my podcast “sounds” like a good idea to them.

3)  Mobile Audience.

So many marketers are trying to tap into people’s mobile devices.  They’re looking into creating apps and buying mobile ads.  The beauty of podcasting is that you already have a way to tap into mobile devices via podcasting.

As the world becomes more mobile, this is a really important reason to start an Internet marketing podcast.  The future of your business may be right in the palm of your hand.

BONUS)  Number Of Mobile Devices.

I could’ve thrown this into the “numbers don’t lie” or the “mobile audience” answers, but I separated it.

Why?  Two reasons:  1) Always over deliver and 2)  This deserves it’s own section.

Try this on for size….

There are over 600 million iOS devices that have been sold by Apple alone.  This includes iPods, iPhones & iPads.  They are on track to reach 1 BILLION devices by 2015.  These numbers do not include Apple computers and laptops….HOWEVER, those devices are important too.

All of those devices have access to iTunes and potentially your podcast when you list your shows through Apple.

The Android platform has over 900 million activations.  That’s a lot of potential mobile audio for an Internet marketing podcast if you ask me.

The total number of smartphones in use is over 1 billion and that number is expected to double by 2015.  Smartphones and their ability to play your podcasts are now outselling regular mobile phones for the first time ever.

Excited yet?  I am.

3 Reasons I Started An Internet Marketing Podcast

Now, there’s just one secret left to truly maximize the potential of building your online business with an Internet marketing podcast: leveraging a proven marketing system to get more listeners, convert more traffic to your offers and make you more money.

My top recommendation is going to provide you with the training you need to turn casual listeners into paying customers.

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Morgan Fleur De Lys

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7 Secrets I Learned While Writing An eBook For Kindle

Over the weekend I started writing an eBook for Kindle with much anticipation.  You see, I was such a bad student in high school that I ended up taking 3 different English classes during the final half of my senior year just to graduate on time.  Pathetic.  I also dropped out of college several times, mainly because of the general education requirements & boring English classes I never wanted to take.

The irony now is I publish multiple blogs and I’m 5,881 words into my first book on Amazon.  Funny how things change.  Discover some of the secrets I have learned over the weekend and how simple it is for you to get started too.

7 Secrets I Learned While Writing An eBook For Kindle

I was also a bad student.  I did the bare minimum in order to pass the class and if I really didn’t like the teacher, I probably didn’t do the work and failed the class.  Luckily, this only happened a couple of times, but it caused me to have 3 English classes all at once during my senior year to make up the difference.

It’s a good thing English teachers don’t make the rules on who can make money blogging or publish books.  It’s with that spirit that I began writing an eBook for Kindle a few days ago.  Below you will find my 7 secrets of how I got started, what I learned from the process and how you can get started too.  I hope you find this as valuable as I did experiencing it.

7 Secrets I Learned While Writing An eBook For Kindle

Writing An eBook For Kindle

1)  Anyone can do this.  As I said earlier, I wasn’t never a good student and certainly not a good English student.

2)  All the tools are free and you probably already have them.  Seriously, if you can create a word document, you’re pretty much all set.

3)  Amazon makes writing an eBook for Kindle really simple.  They give you a complete guide on how to get started the easy way on the website right here.

4)  You probably already know how to format a book too.  Just open up your favorite books and look at the formatting.  I went the extra step and jumped on Wikipedia for good measure and found this:  Book Design

5)  An easy way to organize the contents of a non-fiction book is to create three sections:  Philosophy, Strategy, Execute or Why, What, How.  From these sections you can create your individual chapters.

6)  Starting with an outline & creating a rough table of contents will speed up your creative processes.  You can always refine this as you progress along with your book.

7)  Amazon offers some pretty cool ways to promote your book that you can take advantage of.  Combine them with a proven marketing system & lead generation strategies and you could turn a single sale into thousands of dollars of profit for yourself.  Pretty cool, eh?

7 Secrets I Learned While Writing An eBook For Kindle

It’s critical that you discover how to effectively market your new book.  Writing an eBook for Kindle is a breeze and the marketing can be a simple 1-2-3 process if you follow a proven formula too.

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Morgan Fleur De Lys

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What Independence Means To Me

This is going to be a different kind of post.  I bit more personal, if that’s cool with my readers.  Love you guys…

What Independence Means To Me


So what does independence mean to me?

Specifically, it means truly…

Coming and going as I please.

No alarm clocks

No boss

No job

The ability to travel the world

Do what I want, when I want, where I want

Answering to nearly no one (sadly, there’s always someone to answer to: governments, the law, the guy robbing you with a gun, mobs with torches & pitchforks, etc.)

The freedom to speak my mind about issues that are important me

To speak inconvenient truths

To not have a government spying on me (Seriously NSA, your actions are criminal)

To not have ideas & belief imposed on me

To speak with like-minded freethinkers without fear of incarceration, violence or death

To experience new foods, new sights, new sounds, new aromas and new sensations

To help others to experience their independence

Create Independence With Me

If any of the above statements resonated with you, let’s lock arms and create independence together!

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Morgan Fleur De Lys

How I Made $1,500 Today On Facebook – You Can Too!

Are you a human?  Can you type a message?  If so, you probably qualify to make upwards of $1,500 in a day on Facebook.  I just did it, and I barely meet those qualifications.  Ask anyone who has seen my nonstop typos.

It’s actually pretty simple what I did today.  I’ll make no promises, but I’ll show you what I did.

How I Made $1,500 Today On Facebook – You Can Too!


Are we adults here?  Surely I don’t have to tell you that there are no guarantees in life, right?  Certain people are ninjas, others have telepathy, while a few have been known to escape the dark lord Sauron.  Those types of people make money online.   The rest are doing a rain dance or praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  If you want to see our super badass income disclaimer, knock yourself out right here.

Ok, so here’s the deal.  Now that we have that stuff out of the way, let me break down for you what I did today.  If I can do it, you can do it.

First and foremost, tap into my exclusive training and proven marketing system.  You want to discover how to make $1,500 or more on Facebook in a day?  Then just do it…

How I Made $1,500 Today On Facebook – You Can Too!

Here’s the exact steps:

1)  I joined this system.  Why?  Because it works.  Over 150,000 members can’t be wrong, check it out.

2)  I bought all the training and products because they are badass.  Think of it as going to college and getting a PhD in Internet Marketing.

3)  I took some strategies for the training and leveraged the exclusive team system we use for Project A.W.O.L. (Another Way Of Living).

4)  I started chatting on Facebook with someone who was interested in creating freedom for himself.  Turns out, he’s concerned about his pension and is planning ahead.

5)  I made him an offer he could not refuse, Godfather-style.  Well, sort of.  I just showed him our team system and offer him an amazing bonus to kick-start his online business.  He immediately saw the value and jumped on board.



How I Made $1,500 Today On Facebook – You Can Too!

So really, that’s it in a nutshell.  There’s a 3 more secrets steps to this formula that I only share with my team.

Why?  Because this stuff is gangsta, lol.  Seriously, it’s an exclusive bonus that I offer my team so they can have the advantage online and create that laptop lifestyle they deserve.

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Morgan Fleur De Lys

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Clearing The Clutter & The Value Of Storytelling

My house is a mess.  Scratch that, catastrophe.

You see, while I am very much a minimalist, my girlfriend is quite the collector and acquirer of items.  She happens to be in the middle of rearranging the house and clearing the clutter.  So I decided a bit of late spring cleaning was in store for my little laboratory where I cook up all of my online marketing too.  Follow along on this journey with and discover why it’s an important first step in building a business from home.  I’m sure you will appreciate the value of storytelling as I share this experience with you.

Clearing The Clutter & The Value Of Storytelling

The Value Of Storytelling

The things you own end up owning you from cineclip NET on Vimeo.

I have been working on reducing my overall possessions for the past decade or more.  I’ve been doing everything from selling stuff to friends, to doing the eBay thing & doing massive drops at the local charity thrift shops.

Each experience was freeing and enlightening experience for me.  Although I may go through some initial anxiety with certain items or have a difficult time getting started, once I begin getting rid of possessions, the snowball effect starts working it’s magic.

Everything I own now fits in one medium-sized closet.

However, up until yesterday, it was all spread out across a spare bedroom that we don’t use.

So why did I rearrange what’s left into the closet?

To clear my environment and my mind.

Free Your Mind & The Value Of Storytelling Action Steps

I’ve read in a few books about the importance of reducing clutter in your life and your work environment.  I hold this concept to be true.

It’s more difficult to get the ball rolling on new tasks, whether they be personal or business, when your living and work areas are in disarray.  Your mind simply doesn’t like it.  It’s a subconscious reminder of incomplete tasks in life.

So as I begin to share my personal stories and showcase the value of storytelling to you on my blog and in my videos, we have to begin at the beginning and have a clean slate (no pun intended).

So in that spirit, here’s some great action steps that you can take to clear the clutter in your life followed by a bonus list of important ideas in the value of storytelling in your business.

1)  Find items you truly haven’t used in the last year.  Odds are likely that you don’t truly need them.  The exception to this includes highly sentimental items and valuable objects.

2)  Many hobbies are zen-like mediation for people.  They enjoy the entire process of collecting, maintaining and interacting with their hobbies.  Other hobbies have simply devolved into acquiring things that go straight to boxes and perpetuate endless clutter.   Make the distinction and eliminate the excess.

3)  Lots of people have a real difficult time letting go of stuff for financial reasons.  It feels like they have either wasted money or they are losing money.  If you fall into this category, you must learn to let go and accept that the time and place for that item has now come and gone in your life.  Find a way to donate it to charity and consult your tax professional or sell it for whatever the wholesale market value is to get it removed from your living space as soon as possible.

4)  Look for opportunities to go digital.  This is a relatively new concept that I just love.  Books, CDs, DVDs, records, tapes, 8-tracks, etc., all fall into this realm.  Sure, many of these items are not available digitally and I’m aware there’s a group of audiophiles out their that to debate the sound quality of records, but I will say this:  Refer to number 2 on this list.  If it’s a zen-like hobby for you, keep the records, get rid or replace everything else digitally if you MUST have a copy of it.

5)  Congratulate yourself for clearing the clutter, don’t focus on a perceived “loss”.  Your mind will love for donating to those in need, creating a better living environment and allowing to the opportunity to grow as a person.  Celebrate it!

Clearing The Clutter & The Value Of Storytelling

So what’s the value of storytelling here and how does it benefit you?

1)  Be personal.  You will engage with more people on a deeper level with personal stories.

2)  Don’t be afraid to open up.  My house is currently a mess.  Who cares?!?!  Be authentic and people will appreciate you for it.

3)  One way to demonstrate the value of storytelling is to share a story that teaches a lesson.  I’m clearing my environment so I can be more productive & effective in reaching my goals.  I shared that story to inspire others to do the same.  Stories that serve a greater purpose have more impact the random monologues.

4)  Facts tell, stories sell.  This is becoming cliche, but it’s true.  You can spend an entire weekend in a business conference that is selling exactly what you need.  However, a year after the conference the things you are most likely to remember are the stories, not the specific training from the speakers.  This is the value of storytelling….it sticks with people long after everything else is forgotten.

5)  Use a blogging platform to share your stories with the world.  Having your stories available 24/7 for your clients is one of the most powerful business models you can use online.  This is my top recommendation.

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Morgan Fleur De Lys

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Prolific Marketing & Creating Freedom

Working a job is bullshit.  How’s that for the first sentence of my new blog?  That’s how I roll around here.  No crap, no fluff.  Someone’s got to tell it to you straight, right?  So with that said, join me on this journey and discover how this site will benefit you….immediately.

Prolific Marketing & Creating Freedom

Creating Freedom

Why am I here and what’s in it for you?

I’m here to help you create real freedom in your life.  What does that mean?  You decide.  For some, it’s working 1-2 less days per week.  For others it’s quitting their job so they can spend more time doing what they enjoy with the people they love.  And for some us, it’s packing your bags and traveling the world.

I’m here to guide you on that path.

Prolific Marketing & Creating Freedom

Morgan Fleur De Lys Skydiving!

How am I qualified to do that?

I’ve trained hundreds and hundreds of people personally to create success online.  I’ve directly helped people make thousands of dollars using proven systems, some of them making upwards of $3,000+ in a single day from follow my coaching.

Can I promise you riches?  No, you might be lazy or think that money rains from the sky.

Besides, people who think like that have the minds of children.

This is Internet Marketing for grown-ups.

Let’s get to work…

Prolific Marketing & Creating Freedom

So this is a short post (remember, no fluff here…)

Today’s message and marketing tip for creating freedom in your life is to be PROLIFIC.

Get you message out there and get it in as many places as possible.  Hire a personal assistant to do shit you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do.

Uses sites like or to hire qualified people for pennies on the dollar who are far more skilled in their areas of specialty and can do it faster anyway.

Too many people online are trying to do it all themselves.  Screw that.  Spend some money and focus on income producing activities.

So, how should go about being prolific?

Use a proven system that shows you how to do it so you can leverage your time and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Here’s what I use:  A Viral Blogging System.  Check it out by clicking the button below!


Thanks for checking out my new blog here.  Plenty more badass content is on it’s way.  For my subscribers, I also have lots of exclusive insights in to what’s working online….RIGHT NOW!  Be sure to subscribe by using the form on the top right hand side of the page here.

Morgan Fleur De Lys